Bullet Train. Zabójczy pociąg

Translation: Anna Horikoshi


Imagine a high-speed train on the Tokyo-Morioka route (that is, Iwate Prefecture, on the northern tip of Honshu Island), and all the best Japanese hitmen on board. There are few stops on the route, so it’s hard to get on or off. Sound exciting? Of course!

That was the idea for the setting of Bullet Train.Zabójczy pociąg concieved by Kōtarō Isaka, a Sendai-based writer of action novels and short stories. His Bullet Train, however, is not a pure thriller full of carnage leaving behind a trail of corpses and action rusheing rushing like a shinkansen. The novel feels more like a comedy of mistakes, inspired by Japanese manzai sketches and black humor a la Tarantino.

The train is a place of meeting of a retired murderer Kimura, going through a family tragedy, a teenage leader of a youth gang called the Prince (who could shake hands with the most twisted characters from Confessions by Kanae Minato), a duo going by nicknames Lemon and Tangerine, who are tasked with bringing to Morioka the local boss’s son and his suitcase, and the most unlucky killer in all of Japan, good-natured Nanao, whose liaison, Maria, just tells him to pick up the aforementioned suitcase and run. It is from their point of view that we get to know the next plot twists …

Bullet Train is dialogue-heavy, but it also offers some nice surprises and crafty solutions. Hollywood liked the story so much that a film based on the novel has already in works. The book is also availabe in English.

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