Christmas Specials (성탄특선)

Translation: Jamie Chang


Seria Bi-lingual Modern features bilingual (Korean-English) editions of texts by the most interesting authors from South Korea, which make up the modern canon of the country’s literature. The editors emphasize that the selection of the best stories is crucial for them – but everything in these books is enjoyable: careful editing, aesthetics or an interesting study in the form of a commentary/essay offered after the main text.

Christmas Specials is the story of siblings who dream of having a nice Christmas, despite the difficult economic situation. Forced to move and live together many times in the past, the siblings find themselves in a questionable place that is hard to call home. He ends up spending the day alone watching reruns on TV and eating instant noodles; she and her boyfriend go on a date where they try to tick off all the items on their list of the perfect evening, but they don’t quite succeed.

Kim Ae-ran writes about the difficult situation of young people, the so-called “880 won generation” – people entering adulthood at the beginning of the 21st century. Their dreams are grand, fueled by the consumerism booming at that time, but the reality does not live up to them. It is not surprising that young people from economically and socially excluded backgrounds want what their peers in Seoul have; what they see around them, but what is not available to them. Christmas Special shows a fragment of the overwhelming everyday life – with great empathy for the characters struggling with it.

"They went to see a movie, a romantic comedy made for the holiday season. It was tedious, but they were excited to be "doing something" on Christmas. After the movie, they went to a family restaurant. They had to wait more than thirty minutes for a table, but they were still radiant with happiness. The woman was pleased with her outfit today, and the man was glad he was finally able to check off the activities on the Christmas "to do" list he had written years ago on the paper cup."

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