Coconut & Sambal: Recipes from my Indonesian Kitchen


I was missing a good Indonesian cookbook in my collection for a while… LuckilyCoconut & Sambal fixed this problem – it’s really beautiful and full of intriguing recipes I want to try out immediately. It also brings back memories of Indonesia, which I learn to love more and more with each visit, and which I’ve been missing these days.

The title is not accidental – it’s hard to imagine an Indonesian meal without sambal, which is a local variety of chilli sauce. It’s just as difficult to cook something without using some form of coconut – fresh coconut flakes, milk, oil… I’ve fallen in love with sop sayur soup, which is a combination of coconut milk, aubergine, mushrooms, and tempe manis, tempeh in sweet and sour glaze, which I could eat endlessly. Fans of fish, seafood, and meat will also find a lot of inspiration.

Coconut & Sambal is on one hand a book, which showcases the great variety of Indonesia, and on the other explains how much all the Archipelago has in common. A piece of advice: do not browse when you’re hungry!

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