Sad grey reality. Grumpy people you pass on the street. Sounds familiar, right? This is how this wonderfully colorful story told by JiHyeon Lee only through images.

In a busy everyday, where no one can afford to be friendly, the main character – a boy with a key in his hand – is the only one who notices and follows a colorful little bow tie. As it soon turns out, this tiny creature leads him to the title door, and behind them there is a completely different world: full of colors, imagination and friendship. A world inhabited by strange creatures that warmly welcome the newcomer and invite him to participate in their lives. There is no shortage of laughter, picnicking together, swinging on a high tree, celebrating important moments.

Door is a richly illustrated silent book, a tribute to imagination. As the Korean artist seems to say: you too can discover the world hidden behind the door. All it takes to become a part of it is a bit of mindfulness and openness. You already hold the right key in your hand and it is up to you whether you dare to use it.

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