Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking


Every Grain of Rice has an almost cult-like position on the shelves of everyone interested in cooking Chinese food at home. Fuchsia Dunlop, the author of several cookbooks, who has been traveling around China in search of new flavors for over twenty years, chose simple dishes for this one. Having acquired a few basic ingredients, anyone will be able to cook them at home.

Dunlop has collected recipes that are quick to prepare as well as healthy; there are a few chapters dedicated primarily to vegetables, which also appear in most other recipes. The book includes an illustrated ingredient guide, so you’ll know how to tell the difference between various leafy vegetables or dried items. A mini-list of “magic” additives that have a very concentrated umami flavor and will turn any simple dish into something special will also be very useful.

We recommend trying the Cantonese soup with salted egg and pork, cold sweet and spicy noodles, or trout in chilli and bean sauce… But among such a wide range of recipes, everyone will find something for themselves.

"One of the richest aspects of Chinese culture, arguably, is the way so many people know how to eat for health ad happiness, varying their diets according to the weather and the seasons, adjusting them in the light of any symptoms of imbalance or sickness and making the most nutritious foods taste so desirable."

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