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Fresh India offers Indian recipes in a less obvious, fresher version. Meera Sodha, the author of East: 120 Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from Bangalore to Beijing, this time puts vegetables and legumes in the center of her book, offering lighter versions of traditional curries and dhali, as well as original ideas for salads and sweets. So you will find here a coconut salad with green beans and cashews, fresh lime dhal or mint pea soup.

The ideas for dishes are varied, depensing on available time and the level of enthusiasm – with the help of the book, you can organize a traditional feast, but also cook a one-pot dish in half an hour. Some of the recipes are vegan and some vegetarian, but even those not fully plant-based seem to be relatively easy to veganize – just replace paneer with tofu and butter with another fat. Inside you will also find basic tips and tricks for cooking rice and legumes, so the book should be suitable even for novice cooks.

„I’ve written Fresh India to follow Made in India because I want to show you another type of Indian food, on that is vegetable led and packed with bold flavors”

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