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Hello Sandwich Japan is a unique guide created by Ebony Bizys (who has been running Hello Sandwich blog for many years) – it presents 15 places from all over Japan, from Sapporo to Okinawa.

You will find both well-known places – including important information for those planning their first trip – such as famous temples, hot springs or parks, but also many secret places for experienced travelers. The places are divided into several categories: attractions, shops, cafes and restaurants, accommodation – all illustrated with beautiful photos (Bizys worked for Vogue magazine for many years). The guide ends with a chapter with practical information which will help you organize your trip.

Browsing through Hello Sandwich Japan your will definitely add to your itinerary a few interesting museums (Yokote Masuda Manga Museum in Akita, The Site of Reversible Destiny, The Tower of the Sun…), fascinating shops (including some great bookstores!), the best places for coffee and cake; you will get to know Ippodo Tea, Beppu Rakutenchi, an amusement park built over a century ago, or campground in the forest area of Lake Kizaki. It also presents some local festivals and interesting places in nature ideal for city breaks.

It’s never too early to plan your next trip, even if only in Google Maps, and Hello Sandwich Japan will surely be an inspiration!

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