Hong Kong Local: Cult Recipes From the Streets that Make the City


Hong Kong Local is the first book on Hong Kong’s unique cuisine in Tajfuny. Just like Tokyo Local, the colourful book cover catches your attention straight away. The lovely graphic design, as well as photos of food and the city itself, are a true visual pleasure.

Here you will find an extensive chapter about breakfasts, which basically constitute their own world. From traditional Chinese dishes, such as congee – rice porridge – with a century egg, steamed dumplings, to Asian-style French toast with kaya (coconut jam). For the afternoon the book recommends a selection of meat-based recipes, pork especially, as well as yummy dessert; for the evening meal – many types of stir-fry, chicken in various forms – and much, much more.

Whether you don’t know anything about the culinary culture of Hong Kong or, on the contrary, you miss those particular flavours, this book is a must-have!

"Hong Kong's cuisine has been characterised as a fusion of East and West, reflecting the cultural diversity and the influence of its Chinese roots, the years of British Colony and the current day cosmopolitan 'world city'."

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