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Japanese Graphics is a treat for all lovers of Japanese design or people who want to get to know it – in the album you will find a theoretical introduction about what characterizes Japanese graphic designs, where it draws inspiration from and what distinguishes tit from the rest of the world. The book also describes three periods of contemporary Japanese design (and their most important creators): postwar forty years, golden ten years and the 21st century. And all this is presented in an accessible form, with additional explanations of the more difficult art concepts.

Then there is an overview of graphics in four categories: poster, branding, packaging, logos.. What attracts the most attention in these projects and seems to be their common denominator is the incredible lightness, humor and playing with tradition and form. I was most captivated by plates with manga decorations, which can be arranged on the table to create your own story, as well as chonmage yōkan. Chonmage is a characteristic samurai hair bun, and yōkan is a sweet bean jelly, often given as a gift. The oblong packaging, shaped like a bun-shaped jelly wrapped in black tissue paper, combines these two traditional elements – creating the perfect apology gift that symbolizes the return of honor.

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