Jinjja jinjja eolgureul chajaseo (진짜진짜 얼굴을 찾아서)


In a castle deep in the forest live a boy with a mask on his face, a hollow princess, and a boy with a box on his head. And although they live together, they cannot communicate because their true faces have been stolen by the Shadow Witch. To be able to read each other’s emotions and discover what true happiness is, they embark on a journey together.

Finding the Real Face is one of five Korean picture books featured in the popular K-drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (available on Netflix). Dark fairy tales are an integral part of it, as they reveal traumas and intertwine the fates of the main characters: their author – Ko Moon-young, medical assistant – Moon Gang-tae, and his brother Moon Sang-tae. However, Finding the Real Face differs in plot and atmosphere from the other four books. It is a joint work of Ko Moon-young and Moon Sang-tae. Created in front of the viewer, it synthesizes the story of the three characters and combines them – with in an optimistic ending.

The book comes with Moon Sang-tae’s sketchbook insert, in which we will find drawings of butterflies (significant for the plot of the series) and space for your own creativity.

All picturebooks are signed with the k-drama author’s signature. Korean artist Jamsan created the illustrations.

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