JLPT Kōshiki Mondaishū N1 (+ CD)


The JLPT exams are the bane and dream of every Japanese language student – who would not like to prove their knowledge of the language with an official certificate? In order to prepare well for the exam, you need not only to know the language, but also to get used to the structure of the exam. These test textbooks published by The Japan Foundation will help with this.

In the book you will find exam papers divided into parts (grammar, listening, reading … etc.) If you set ourselves a timer, you can arrange a proper mock exam at home. It is worth learning how the questions in the grammar section are structured as well as getting used to the intonation and voices of lectors (the textbook features a CD with audio files) and the length and sample topics of the readings. Thanks to all that, the real exam will be much less stressful. Good luck!

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