Jombi Ai (좀비 아이)


When a woman gives birth to a child with an uncontrollable appetite, she does everything to ensure that it receives the right amount of food. She steals things from her neighbors, and when she has nothing left to feed him, she offers him her body…

Zombie Kid is one of five Korean picture books featured in the popular K-drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (available on Netflix). Dark fairy tales are an integral part of it, as they reveal traumas and intertwine the fates of the main characters: their author – Ko Moon-young, medical assistant – Moon Gang-tae, and his brother Moon Sang-tae. The series gained immense popularity not only in Korea. No wonder then that this unique mix of cinematography, animation and book was turned into real picturebooks. Thanks to them, you can bring a piece of the fascinating world of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay into your life.

All picturebooks are signed with the k-drama author’s signature. Korean artist Jamsan created the illustrations.

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