Jōyō Jikai (Etymological Dictionary of Kanji for Everyday Use)


The etymological dictionary of Japanese kanji ideograms will delight everyone who would like to know the origin of the characters used today. It features 2136 jōyō kanji characters – this is the number recommended for learning in Japanese schools and it is this amount, according to government regulations, that will be enough to be able to read newspapers, literature and fully function in society.

The dictionary presents the formation of individual ideograms, it also provides definitions and all possible readings of the sign, as well as typical examples of use. It’s fascinating to see how some very simplified “drawings” changed and took on the shapes we know today.

The Japanese are known for their meticulous care and attention in publishing dictionaries – here you have a canvas-bound edition, printed on strong but thin paper, wrapped with a cardboard sleeve. The dictionary it is neither too heavy nor too light and using it is a real pleasure.

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