Kameliowy Sklep Papierniczy

Translation: Alicja Kaniecka

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Hatoko, affectionately called Poppo, inherited a stationery shop located in coastal Kamakura. And along with the shop – an untypical line of work practiced by her family for generations. The Amemiya family has been taking requests to write letters since old days.

Soon after, Kameliowy Sklep Papierniczy (the Camellia Stationery Shop) is visited by many interesting characters, and all of them come with unusual requests: love letters, letters severing relations, a letter from heaven… It’s not easy to write a perfect letter and it’s so much harder to write one on somebody’s behalf. At first Poppo is reluctant to start a new job but as the story progresses, her affection towards calligraphy, and the meaning of well-matched paper and ink, grows.

Time in Kamakura passes slowly, its rhythm is dictated by changing seasons, holidays, non-committal meetings and visits. Kameliowy Sklep Papierniczy encourages the reader to slow down and gain a new perspective. To enjoy the little things of everyday life and care for our close and more distant ones.

"Aby wyrazić żałobę, używa się jaśniejszego tuszu niż zazwyczaj. Ma to sugerować, że został on rozcieńczony łzami, które spłynęły na kamień pisarski. Sunąc pędzlem po papierze, oczami wyobraźni ciągle widziałam panią Calpis. Przez chwilę miałam nawet wrażenie, że jej dłoń objęła moją i pisałyśmy ten list razem"








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