Melody of Light

Translation: Jerzy Chyb, Monika Szyszka


Published by BWA Wrocław Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, the album Melody of Light is a fruit of the 6 weeks stay of the Japanese artist Keiko Nomura in Wrocław. The artist-in-residence was allowed to get to know Wrocław, whose river and luscious greenery reminded her of Tokyo. In her book, Keiko Nomura compares photos of those two cities and people living in them. But it’s not the people or the places that matter, it’s the light included in the title. The light, and its different shades, makes the captured spaces unique and deeply poetic. he play of light, often described in Japanese literature, becomes the main character of Nomura’s photos. The album and its content is prefaced by the artist’s poetic essay.

Melody of Light is not your average photo album. This book, bound by a cloth spine, was made with different kinds of paper. The shimmery gold shades and reflective pages emphasize the main topic in a unique way, as if every page was shining in our face. Thanks to that, the book is a small piece of art full of poetic content: the unreal cities, dreamlike atmosphere and portraits of people, showing their physical beauty.

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