My Daily Routine in Korean


What a wonderful book for all those who are learning Korean, both those who are just starting out and are still stumbling over simple words, and those who have been learning for a while and want to improve their vocabulary. My Daily Routine in Korean presents expressions that actually come in handy in everyday life, not just lists of words out of context which you are not likely to use unless you read specialised literature.

The vocabulary has been divided into 32 mini-chapters on topics such as “sleeping”, “eating” and “cleaning”. You will learn how to say “set the alarm”, “take off your apron” or “lose your phone”. As is the case with all titles published by TalkToMeInKorean, you can listen to the audio material spoken by native speakers on their website, which will definitely help to deal with the complexities of Korean pronunciation. A must-have for anyone who is learning Korean!


Czas oczekiwania: 5-6 weeks








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