My Shanghai: Recipes and Stories from a City on the Water


My Shanghai is a beautifully published cookbook, and at the same time a treasury of knowledge about dishes, ingredients and cooking methods from Shanghai and the Jiangsu province.

Betty Liu prepared a comprehensive introduction to the cuisine of the region, as well as typical ingredients and necessary equipment. Each of the over 100 recipes introduces a description of the dish, full of curiosities and details, which is why this is the perfect book for anyone looking for more than just the basics of cooking (we recommend it to all fans of Chinese Cooking Demystified!). All dishes here are absolutely authentic – so for many of them, the right ingredients might be slightly difficult to source.

The recipes are divided by seasons – they are weather-appropriate and use seasonal vegetables. It is worth paying attention to dumplings wrapped not in dough, but in an egg omelette (perfect for people who cannot eat gluten!) or unique savoury mooncakes with meat filling, so different from the widely available sweet version. Although most recipes contain meat/fish/seafood, vegetarians will also find something for themselves – for example, eggplant in an aromatic sauce, broad bean salad, or beautifully looking steamed buns with chives, braided in the shape of flowers.

If you fancy an adventure with lesser-known Chinese cuisine, My Shanghai is the perfect choice – and if you’re looking for something a little easier to use, we recommend Every Grain of Rice : )

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