Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku (掟上今日子の備忘録)


Yakusuke Kakushidate has the looks of a fighter but a heart of gold. Unfortunately, he also has bad luck and always gets involved in situations where the suspicion of committing some wicked crime falls on him. As if he as a crime magnet.

Kyōko Okitegami has a charming, good-natured nature, and a razor-sharp mind. She will solve every criminal mystery within one day. She doesn’t have a choice. As soon as she puts her head on the pillow and falls asleep, her mind will erase all memories. In the morning she will know that her name is Kyōko Okitegami only thanks to the notes she leaves to herself (sound almost like Ukochane równanie profesora)

The meeting of these two will result in many funny series of events and some addictive criminal stories. Nisio Isin, whose artistic pseudonym is also often stylized as NiSiOiSiN, is one of the most popular creators in Japan whose works lay somewhere between novels, manga and light novels. He became famous as the author of such series as Monogatarii and Katanagatari. He was also asked to write a novel based on the famous Death Note. Kyōko’s adventures have several volumes, a manga version and a TV series.

Czas oczekiwania: 5-6 weeks

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