Readymade Bodhisattva is the first and so far only collection that presents a selection of Korean science-fiction authors, starting from the pioneers of the genre and ending with young, contemporary artists. Thirteen stories fit into various subgenres of SF – from classic science fiction, through dystopian thrillers, speculative fiction, to fantasy with supernatural elements. Short profiles of the authors and an outline of the context accompanying each story allows you to understand better the meaning of each particular text in the context of the entire sci-fi world in South Korea.

An interesting read that gives fans of short forms and science fiction a taste for more and presents the most popular writers of the genre. So far, not much from this particular area has appeared in in translation, but after the cinematic successes, such as Bong Joon-Ho’s, who made science fiction movies in his career, maybe better times will come.

Readymade Bodhisattva turns heads with its the extremely futuristic look (Chris Ro is responsible for it, along with the rest of the Magpie series.) Such particular typography and unusual layout of the text add something special, and those who prefer simple and classic solutions may be (positively?) surprised.

Science fiction is thus a rising and ever-shifting genre in South Korea today. Inspired by the activism of the past decades, more and more writers see the genre as an extraordinary creative laboratory for reflecting on the opportunities and contradictions of modernization in a late-capitalist and postcolonial society.

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