Seven Years of Darkness

Translation: Chi-Young Kim


Seven years. Seven years since the life of the main protagonist, Sowon, has been turned upside down. Seven years, since he saw his father for the last time. Seven years, since the town, where he used to live, was annihiliated, when someone opened the floodgates.

Sowon is taken from one relative to another, but eventually he has to survive on his own in the world, where everyone sooner or later finds out that he is a son of a murderer. Seven years after the tragic events he gets a package, which leads him as if by a thread, to the truth about all that had happened. And we go on that road together with him, even when it turns out that the truth is not what we thought it would be.

It is a dark book, it does not give us a lot of hope. We get to know the story of Sowon’s dysfunctional family and his desperate father who would do anything to find a proper job. Together with Sowon we get reminded of violence that surrounded him, we try to understand the misunderstandings that led to the tragedy. Seven Years of Darkness will definitely be enjoyed by those who liked The Good Son, another book by Jeong You-Jeong that we presented in our calendar in 2019 – but  will also be appreciated by fans of the movie Parasite, who are not afraid of descriptions of violence. Because it is violence that best portrays the cruelty of the world we all live in.

"They say a cat can sense thunder right before it rumbles. Perhaps the human brain has a similar sensory ability—the clock of anxiety that beings ticking when catastrophe looms."

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7년의 밤






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