Shin Nihongo 500 Mon: JLPT N2 Kanji, Vocabulary and Grammar


The books from the Shin-Nihongo series are perfectly organised sets of exercises to prepare for JLPT exams at all levels. They are an ideal a supplement to a series of textbooks from the ASK publishing house, but they will also work well on their own. Each book is a ready exercise “program” – the repetition plan is written for four weeks, several pages a day (you can find the exact guidelines for use on the first pages of the book, but of course you can also approach it at your own pace).

On the odd-numbered pages you will find questions/tasks, one from each category: kanji, vocabulary, grammar (It helps that each category has a funny pet assigned to it! 🙂 And on the even pages – answers and a detailed explanations. Thanks to this strategy, learning is fast and effective.

I also like the size – the book is smaller and thicker than typical textbook (it has the format of a classic tankobon – a Japanese hardback) It makes it more handy and pleasant to use.

Czas oczekiwania: 5-6 weeks

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