Shop Cats of Hong Kong


Shop Cats of Hong Kong is a great album for cat lovers, but not only – it also allows you to look at the world of tiny shops, squeezed between Hong Kong skyscrapers or located in narrow alleys, which themselves make up an intriguing micro-universe.

Cats pose as if they were professional models, against the background of everyday shabby interiors. You will meet cats closely watching customers from behind the counter, sleeping on warm printers or soft boxes; cats from traditional Chinese medicine stores and those living in paradise – that is, at the butcher’s.

The photos are accompanied by funny and ironic haiku poems, which serve as a perfect commentary to the depicted scenes. My favorite combination is probably a beautiful, fluffy cat sitting in a box accompanied by a philosophical question: “how to think outside the box / without stepping out.”

If you are looking for something to improve your mood, this album will surely make you smile many times.

A cat's worst nightmare Just too many choices in hard-to-reach places."

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