Textiles of the Banjara: Cloth and Culture of a Wandering Tribe


Every book about textiles, design and broadly understood fashion immediately finds its group of fans. This time, a treasure devoted to the textiles of the ethnic group of Banjara landed in Tajfuny, which is not only a great source of knowledge about this little-known community living in India, but also a beautiful album devoted to culture and aesthetics, in which everyone involved in fashion design in any way will find plenty of inspiration.

The fabrics you will find on the following pages of Textiles of the Banjara are not only clothes, but also materials used for ceremonial purposes, trimmed with small mirrors and intricate embroidery. You will also learn from about specific embroidery and stitching, parts of the traditional costume (not only about the patterns, but also about the construction of the traditional phetiya skirt), the construction of the headgear that allows to place a water jug on it, and the colours of the clothes. A really wonderful album also for all fans of ethnography.

Banjara traditional dress stands out from the daily costume of most other Indian women, which is already a heady display of festive cloth, of saris, shawls, or salwar kameez made in the most vibrant colours possible. The Banjara, with their voluminous skirts, elaborate adornment, jewelry, tattoos and flowing headscarves, seem to partake of something that marks them as special. (...) For those who can read the signs, the patterns of beads, cowries, bangles and embroidery announce a person's community. Such markers also identify a person's position in the community and their family status.

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