We can finally show you the next book in the A City in Short Fiction series. After The Book of Shanghai and The Book of Tokyo , it’s time for The Book of Jakarta, with ten short stories selected by Maesy Ang and Teddy W. Kusuma. In this anthology, the authors introduce us to the world of a tropical sinking megacity, inhabited by over 30 million people, with all its flavors and secrets.

Cynthia Hariadi takes you on a journey to the past, to the 90s, telling a sad story of teenage friends from Chinese-Indonesian families, through which you can learn about the social situation of that period. Ratri Ninditya proposes a motorcycle tour through the corners of the city, from streets full of skyscrapers to abandoned construction sites and narrow streets, showing the life of young Indonesians in the world of relentless capitalism. Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie speculates on the fate of Jakarta in a story set in the near future, where much of the city is already under water.

Little of contemporary Indonesian literature is available in translation (here – entirely from Indonesian language), which is why a collection such as The Book of Jakarta is extremely valuable for anyone who wants to get acquainted with that part of the world.

A ficus tree grows in the yard of the immigration office. Unlike ficuses that grow in cemeteries, or in the central city squares of Java, there is no cool breeze wafting from its leaves. Perhaps the Jakarta heat is no longer compatible with the might of the ficus. Or is it the dry, and slightly frightening, immigration office that makes the breeze from the ficus tree feel the opposite of cooling?

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