The Girl Who is Getting Married

Translation: Angus Turvill


The Girl Who is Getting Married is a mini-book with one story, which you will also find in Polish, in Układ(a)ne, published by Tajfuny. In the story, you see a girl who is about to get married from many perspectives, including the eyes of her friend, colleagues from school and work, and her beautician.

Without revealing the girl’s name to us and calling her again and again the girl who is getting married, Matsuda encourages you to think about what drives women to marry. Why does marriage mean a loss of identity for the woman? And where does the assumption that marriage is the greatest happiness for a woman come from? Through repetition, Matsuda scores points and exposes the absurdity of our beliefs about marriage.

Keshiki series is a collection of mini books featuring short stories and novellas. Keshiki (景色) means landscape or place, space. In the case of this series, you can think of the word keshiki as a landscape of different, unusual experiences or a space to discover a new relationship with the world. The series presents the texts of some of the most interesting Japanese writers. Its counterpart presenting writers from South Korea is Yeoyu series.

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