The Passenger: India


I have already written about it in the issue devoted to Japan, but I will repeat it again: if I were to create a magazine someday, I would like it to be at least half as good as The Passenger in terms of content and visuals.

This time you can enjoy the issue entirely devoted to India. You can read an essays on the treatment of women in the workplace, Bengali food culture, Hindu nationalism, the caste system, the situation in Kashmir and the fact that there is no such thing as “Indian” literature.

Each piece encourages us to explore this country further. I definitely recommend it for everyone!

The idea of a single Indian literature is an imaginary one, a box crafted by the publishing business for world markets by editors and curators seeking order and structure in the gloriously chaotic multiplicity of literatures from India, and, increasingly, by the cultural project of the right wing Hindu-nationalist organisation (...) to impose cultural homogeneity as a tool of control over a population that thrives on diversity and cannot be managed conveniently.

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