Zaika: Vegan recipes from India


I waited a long time for this book – and it was definitely worth it. Those of you who like Indian cuisine know that it is not synonymous with vegetarianism, and even if some dishes are veggie, it is not easy to avoid dairy, which sneaks into almost every dish in some form – be it clarified butter, cream or paneer cheese (especially when we are talking about dishes from North India.) Zaika is a 100% vegan book, so it’s perfect for those who follow a plant-based diet.

The book is divided into chapters such as “breads”, “light dishes” and “something to warm you up”. You will find inspirations from various regions of India, although there is a lot of Punjab, where the author comes from. I especially liked the chickpea flour pancakes (which for some reason remind me a bit of Korean bindaetteok), refreshing kachumber salad and okra sabzi. Someday I will try my hand at a vegan variation on the faintly sweet jalebi, which usually use milk.

And of course I started reading by reviewing recipes for various chutneys and original spice mixes. I immediately rushed to the kitchen to make my panch phoron mix and smuggle a bit of Bengali flavors into my dishes.

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