Zbuduj swój dom wokół mojego ciała

Translation: Aleksandra Weksej


Zbuduj swój dom wokół mojego ciała, a bold and uncompromising book, is also the author’s debut novel. It is not only a thoroughly contemporary thriller with a feminist twist, but also a story about revenge. It will take the reader to Vietnam to travel alongside the protagonists across fifty years and three generations, represented by the history of three women – very different, but at the same time very important to each other.

In today’s Saigon, we meet Winnie – an American-Vietnamese girl who wants to start a new life. One day, Winnie simply disappears into thin air. Fifty years earlier, a girl named Binh witnesses a grotesque situation at a funeral which will change her life forever. Twenty-five years later, the daughter of a wealthy landowner gets lost on a plantation and returns completely changed.

These three stories intertwine to create a brilliant, twisted tale, linked together by the figure of a mysterious shaman who claims that he is able to communicate with ghosts…

The author offers us a feminist story about women who find the strength to take revenge for the harm they have suffered. It is a dreamy, eclectic book that you won’t be able to put down even for a moment.

Available also in English.

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Build Your House Around My Body






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