Exploring Japanese Literature: Reading Mishima, Tanizaki and Kawabata in the Original

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Yasunari Kawabata, Yukio Mishima and Jun’ichiro Tanizaki are all giants of world literature. Naturally enough, students want to experience their works in the original Japanese, but even tracking down a story of the right length and difficulty level can prove a major hurdle. Exploring Japanese Literature presents one each of these three writers’ best-known stories—plus all the linguistic support you need to read them with fluency and enjoyment.

A poignant romance between a wealthy Tokyoite and a provincial geisha in Kawabata’s “Snow Country Miniature”; the savage ecstasy of a couple’s ritual suicide in Mishima’s “Patriotism”; the amoral antics of a playboy aesthete as he tries to reignite his flagging zest for life in Tanizaki’s “The Secret”—Exploring Japanese Literature is your entrée to the uniquely rich and exotic world of Japanese fiction.
The book features a page layout designed for maximum accessibility. The original Japanese is in large print on the left-hand page, the English translation on the right, while a custom dictionary—covering nearly every word—runs along the bottom of both.
To further enrich your experience, Exploring Japanese Literatureincludes biographies of the three authors, mini-prefaces that set the scene for the individual stories, and evocative illustrations. There is also a dedicated website where you have the chance to debate your interpretation of the texts with the author, the editor and, of course, other readers.
Exploring Japanese Literature provides all the resources you need to embark on the literary adventure of a lifetime. Three of Japan’s greatest writers are just waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the ride!