Kyoto Journal Issue 92

Tematem przewodnim numeru 92 jest “Devotion” – wiara, obrzędy, praktyka.

W numerze, między innymi:
Devotion – Ken Rodgers
As Long As You’re Down on Your Knees – Pico Iyer
A Matter of Time – thirteen centuries of constant renewal – Kenny Fries
The Gods Are Crying – Everett Kennedy Brown
I Bow To the Heart Sutra – Mayumi Oda
Nachi Falls – Leanne Ogasawara
Seven Generations of Secrecy. Researching Japan’s Hidden Christians – John Dougill
Moments of Devotion in the Ancient Capital – Patrick Hochner
Traveling in Bardo – Ann Tashi Slater
Devotion on the River – Christopher Roche
Going Home – Meredith McKinney
Jorneys of Reverence: A doughter and mother’s decades on the Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage – Cathrine Ludvik
Memoirs from 1960s India – Marilyn Stablein
Sar Kaley: These so-called “lucky birds” – William Lychack
The Expression of Everything. Minako Hiromi’s Mandala Diary – Lisa Nilsson
Tsunekazu: A life Dedicated to Art – Robert Van Koesveld

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