Kyoto Journal Issue 95


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  • Martin McKellar initiates a program for seriously ill patients to design a unique Zen garden raking pattern and witness it come to life from their hospital bed;
  • After narrowly escaping with her life in the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquake, Sushma Joshi recounts the long process of physical and emotional healing;
  • The remarkable diaries of Dr. Setoue Kenjiro, AKA “Dr. Koto,” translated by Jeffrey Irish, who has been serving an ageing community on a remote island off Kyushu since the 70s;
  • Mark Hovane elucidates the healing, transformative qualities of the Japanese garden and its historical development;
  • Qigong practitioner and teacher Bernard Kwan on how the traditional Chinese approach to wellbeing can transform ageing into “something that is not to be feared, but savored”;
  • Osaka-dweller Patrick Lydon proposes we re-cultivate the lost fellowship that we once enjoyed with trees—especially so in our cities;
  • In an excerpt from his new book, Autumn Light, Pico Iyer reflects on a lifelong friendship with the Dalai Lama and his most recent trip through Japan;
  • Amy Chavez is led to a mystical site of purification frequented by ancient Balinese princes and princesses—with stunning photography by Aimery Joëssel;

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