The Book of Tokyo: A City in Short Fiction


For those out there who dream about visting Tokyo, are planning a trip or been there and keep on missing its hustle and bustle – a short story collection bound together by the location: Tokyo.

Hideo Furukawa (whom you may know from his “Horses, horses…”) tells a story of a monster hailing from one of the Izu isles (actually a part of Tokyo prefecture). The monster reaches the city centre, boards the train and suddenly… goes berserk.

Kaori Ekuni writes about a pair, that shares short moments of peace on strolls and picnics together in a park close by. “When you have a picnic, you feel like you’re not all alone” – says Kyoko. However, for her husband, narrating the story, the picnics are not such a peaceful moment whatsoever.

Mitsuyo Kakuta writes about the pleasure of shopping – and mother-daughter relations. Toshiyuki Horie, on the other hand, in “The Owl’s Estate” talks about a different kind of home. A share house of a French women living in Tokyo and her other house-mates.

Nao-Cola Yamazki’s “Dad, I Love You” is a warm tale – a story of a salaryman, whose wife left suddenly. All alone he still tries to get a bit of sunshine into his life.


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