The Decay of the Angel


The last chapter in Yukio Mishima’s tetralogy The Sea of Fertility, which includes Spring Snow, Runaway Horses i The Temple of Dawn.

The novel is set in the 70s. Shigekuni Honda, our guide through the whole The Sea of Fertility, is now an established jugde and an older man. He meets an 16 year old orphan, Tōru Yasunaga, on Izu Penninsula. Honda finds a birthmark on his body, one that so closely resembles a birthmark that he previously found on the other “reincarnations” of his dead friend. He then decides to raise the boy as his own. Arrogant as he is, Tōru is not willing to listen to old man’s preaching and starts to use Honda’s fortune as he pleases…

The “angels” in the title of the novel are mortal angels, only a step higher than humans – devas. The Devas are frails and prone to decay, just like Tōru.

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