This Is What Inequality Looks Like


There hasn’t been a book that has made such an impression on me. It felt at times as the author, You Yenn Teo, explained one by one all the doubts about the world around me. She does it with extreme patience, but also in beautiful words: what is wrong with our belief in meritocracy, what does privilege mean and why does Singapore struggle with huge social inequality.

However, what You Yenn Teo does is way more than simple Journalistic description of the world. She shows us the inner workings of our thinking that trap us in stereotypes and tries to make us look at the world differently – the world in which we judge people according to their social status, which usually means wealth. She explains how social inequality influences many aspects of life – and how much the way we treat people poorer than us only deepens that issue.

It isn’t thus surprising that This is What Inequality Looks Like has been a bestseller in Singapore for almost two years and has sparked a wide public debate. We recommend it for everyone who wants to know something more about Singapore. But it is a really universal book, which will force everyone to think; everyone who wants to be a better person, neighbour, friend, partner…

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