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Yukio Mishima’s miniature about fame, film and loneliness. The author, who had experience as an actor and director himself, is reflected here in the characters of Richie Mizuno, the young star, James Dean of the Japanese stage. Richie is a bit cynical, looking down at the others, a little devoted to work and workshop, constantly striving for excellence. The only person who seems to understand him fully is his agent, Kayo – a woman with several faces who seems to have even greater acting talent than the hero himself.

Star is an extremely contemporary short story about the film world, fame and self-esteem. It catches your attention and leaves you feeling unsatisfied, but the small size allows you to look through it and come back. This small volume is decorated with the electrifying cover of Tadanori Yokoo, a master of graphics and poster, who was inspired in his works by Mishima. Mishima also appreciated Yokoo, claiming that his works brought to light all the shadows of Japanese society.

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