Tajfuny is a publishing house, curated bookstore and internet service that are connected thanks to passion for East Asia culture and literature.

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The Tajfuny Publishing House introduces East Asian literature. We search for the most interesting titles for you: new voices representing local literature, unknown and forgotten classics and must-read books that have not reached Poland yet. We choose books that delight us with their language and deal with topics that are important for us, and we believe that we will pass on this passion to the readers in Poland.

We take care about each of our books – we work on each text with the same thoroughness, collating translations and ensuring time for careful editing. We collaborate with a trusted group of translators from various Asian languages and editors.

We invite artists from Asia to work together on the covers of our books.

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The Wandering

Intan Paramaditha, tłum. Marianna Lis

Where would you go if the devil himself gave you a pair of magical red high heels? And what if the price for freedom was a condemnation to wander until the end of times? This surprising novel by the Indonesian author, Intan Paramaditha, in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure book, lets you decide what will happen to the protagonist. This cosmopolitan and feminist story with the elements of folklore and fantasy will make you eager to come back to it and discover new possible scenarios.

No One Writes Back

Jang Eun-jin, tłum. Marta Niewiadomska

A young man embarks on a journey, taking only his beloved blind dog, mp3 player, and a book. They wander from hostel to hostel, assigning numbers to every person they meet on the way. The protagonist sends all of them letters from his journey, asks them questions about their life and shares his experiences, but no one replies… Heartful and sad story about intimacy and loneliness.

In the works

Shiori Ito – ブラック・ボックス (Black Box), transl. Karolina Bednarz and Dominika Błażyca

Kanako Nishi – ふくわらい (Fukuwarai), transl. Anna Wołcyrz

Bae Suah – 철수 (Nowhere to Be Found), transl. Joanna Pienio-Danielak

Yūko Tsushima – 光の領分 (Hikari no ryōbun), transl. Karolina Bednarz

Minae Mizumura – 本格小説 (Honkaku shōsetsu), transl. Anna Zielińska-Elliott

Yan Ge – 异兽志 (Strange Beasts of China), transl. Joanna Karmasz

Ito Ogawa – ツバキ文具店 (Tsubaki Bunguten), transl. Alicja Kaniecka

Kanae Minato – 告白 (Kokuhaku), transl. Anna Karpiuk

Bora Chung – 저주토끼 (Cursed Bunny), transl. Marta Niewiadomska

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