Tajfuny is a publishing house, curated bookstore and internet service that are connected thanks to passion for East Asia culture and literature.

Publishing House

The Tajfuny Publishing House introduces East Asian literature. We search for the most interesting titles for you: new voices representing local literature, unknown and forgotten classics and must-read books that have not reached Poland yet. We choose books that delight us with their language and deal with topics that are important for us, and we believe that we will pass on  this passion to the readers in Poland.

We take care about each of our books – we work on each text with the same thoroughness, collating translations and ensuring time for careful editing. We collaborate with a trusted group of translators from various Asian languages and editors.

We invite artists from Asia to work together on the covers of our books.


Phone: 602 372 901


Chmielna 12, 00-020 Warszawa

Tuesday-Saturday: 11 – 19

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