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Spider lilies, a gecko on the window, a husband on a family outing at the zoo, loaches in a closed well, in-laws, ants, a spider on the wall and a daughter, passionate about collecting acorns… Nature in Hiroko Oyamada’s prose has a deeper meaning. Flowers become an ominous omen, the worlds of animals and humans merge, while the vegetation reflects the state of mind of the characters. In these stories – filled with this pulsating, vivid nature: with its absurdities – we can find our everyday lives, suffocating social norms and emotions that are difficult to put into words. However, the most disturbing and incomprehensible species turns out to be no other than ourselves.

Ogród is a collection of fifteen stories available in translation for the first time. It touches on themes of family, motherhood, old age and complicated relation within family bonds. Hiroko Oyamada is an outstanding observer of everyday life. From seemingly insignificant images and overheard dialogues, she can weave a text with a shockingly strong message. Her writing is one in a kind. Thrilling, sometimes surprisingly amusing, sometimes overwhelming with a cacophony of sounds, Ogród draws the reader into a maze of meanings and does not let them go until the last page.






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