The Pictograms


It can be said that many projects of Asian artists are so fascinating because they often start with ideograms. They use characters as the main element of the project, sometimes deconstruct them or break them down into their first parts. Chinese hanzi, which were later adapted as Japanese kanji and Korean hanja, are the protagonist of this album.

Its main part is a review of the most interesting graphic projects focusing on hanzi. Full-size photos and portfolios will inspire, and the artists’ information and interesting descriptions of works allow you to learn more. It features posters, visual identifications of brands, product labels, typographic designs of books (for example, the Chinese-language cover of Ben Fountain’s Long Halftime Walk), calendars and even newspapers. The proposals are truly interesting and help see ideograms from a completely new side.

The second part of the book focuses on the evolution of hanzi – from the simplest historical inscriptions to the simplified characters used in China today. This knowledge is helpful as mnemonics, but they can also be used as templates for graphic designers who want to weave some traditional ideograms into their work.

The album itself is released on thick paper with a pleasant texture, and the colors and details are very vibrant. Fans of beautiful albums and modern design will be in heaven.

"In the creative world, the manifestations and applications of Chinese characters varied in multiple aspects. In the field of graphic design, Hanzi as an important element of visual communication have significant influence in the creation of visual expression."

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