Yiyun Li

Yiyun Li (1972) is a Chinese American novelist born in Beijing. In 1996 roku she moved to the United States. She writes in English. Her short stories and essays were featured in magazines such as “The New Yorker” and “The Paris Review”.

She debuted with short stories collection,Thousand Years of Good Prayers in 2005. It was translated into Polish by Michał Kłobukowski asTysiąc lat dobrych modlitw and published in 2011 by Wydawnictwo Czarne.

At the beginning of her career she wrote mostly stories set in China. But with the lapse of time, her stories started to be more personal – she published a collection of essays on her battle with depression and stances on literature and language, then a novel with dialogues between a mother and her child who commited suicide, drafting from her own tragic experiences.

Yiyun Li continues to shine with her precise style (although she writes in English, which is her second language) and astonishing literary talent.

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