Koreatown: A Cookbook


Koreatown presents Korean cuisine from an interesting point of view – it is a collection of stories and recipes from various Korean communities in the USA, from Chicago to Atlanta to New York. Before you even get to the text part, the book opens with a series of mouth-watering photos from Korean restaurants and shops. It’s worth checking out the Korean ingredients guide and glossary first – and a rather funny (but very lifelike) mini-guide on how not to annoy the neighbors while cooking Korean food.

The recipes are comprehensive, from appetizers and soups, to bacon, ribs and seafood in a dozen ways, to various types of kimchi and kimchi dishes (there’s even kimchi flavored salt… and kimchi white chocolate cookies!) The instructions are very thorough and detailed, and you will find many useful cooking tricks that can later be used in other cooking adventures.

At the end of the book there are 30 pages of recipes from invited guests, all very interesting and unusual – we recommend cheese toast with kimchi, spicy crunchy broccoli (vegetarian alternative to KFC, Korean Fried Chicken), or chicken legs with coca-cola sauce and gochujang paste.

And if you like house parties, you’ll enjoy a chapter on drinks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic, and a whole chapter on snacks that will accompany them perfectly.

The pages of this book reflect the journey I have taken. Outside of handful of guest contributions, these are the dishes and recipes I grew up with, developed and tested in my small apartment kitchen and the home kitchens of our trusted friends and family, Koreans and non-Koreans.

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