Winter in Sokcho

Translation: Aneesa Abbas Higgins


Winter in Sokcho is a cosy story, which will surely be appreciated by the fans of Nowhere to Be Found Bae Suah or One Hundred Shadows Hwang Jungeun, as well as Korean tv series, such as My Mister.

The main character – a young French Korean woman – works in a small guesthouse in the seaside town of Sokcho. We never find out her name; we only know about her as much as we can conclude from the short dialogues and the way she perceives the world. One day, a new guest arrives – Kerrand, a French author of graphic novels, who hopes to find an inspiration for his next book in the desolate Sokcho. We observe the girl’s fascination with the guest, her nostalgia for France, which she never had the chance to visit, their walks and sparse conversations, her attempt to get to know Kerrand – and his to get to know Korea.

It’s a beautiful novel in a beautiful translation. t really makes you wish you could travel to some quiet seaside place, devoid of tourists and other distractions, to feel like the characters of Elisa Shua Dusapin’s book.

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Original title

Hiver à Sokcho





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