Hoshi no ko (星の子)


Written from the perspective of a child, a compassionate and sometimes critial story about a family and the bonds that tie it together despite adversities. In this case, the “adveristy” is the pseudo-religious sect (an organization that sells bottled water and regularly attends community meetings) to which the parents belong and which rules have taken over the family’s life.

Little Chihiro, unlike her sister, who is a few years older, has never experienced another life. It was in part because of her that her parents began to believe in the effects of Pure Water – when she was a newborn only the special water sold by a friend could soothe her painful rash. Whether it is actually the miraculous properties of Pure Water or just a coincidence – is never quite explained. We know, however, that the girl’s parents fully believed in them.

A novel by Natsuko Imamura, winner of Akutagawa Prize for Kobieta w fioletowej spódnicy, was one of the best selling books of 2017 – nominated for both the aforementioned Akutagawa Prize and the Hon’ya Taisho (Booksellers’ Awards). It was adapted into a movie starring Mana Ashida, a famous child actress, as the main character. It is a subdued and non-judgmental story; rather, it leaves the reader with an open question: if we are different – naive, but in a harmless way – and if this otherness gives us peace consolation, could we just remain that way?

The paperback edition also includes the author’s conversation with Yoko Ogawa.


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