Design in Asia: The New Wave


Design in Asia explores the art of almost a hundred rising talents of all kinds of design – applied art, furniture, ceramics or lighting. Each artist is introduced in an interview, where they explain their roots and express what is most important for them when they create. This allows us to better understand and appreciate their art presented on the following pages.

The authors of this beautiful album do not focus solely on Japan and South Korea, which is a tendency in Europe. Instead, the book is divided into two parts: North Asia and South Asia. Both are then seperated according to cities. We are able to visit the artists and designers through their cities of residency, and feel the distinctive vibe of each Asian city. Just choose whichever suits you best. Is it Bangkok? Seoul? Manila? Or Hongkong?

"In design, as in other fields, it's no longer possible to speak of a centre and a periphery. Instead, the growing multipolarity of global discourse has created a more vibrant, complex terrain in which we all occupy the centre and periphery at once. (...) In other words, to the extent that the designers here are shaped by their culture and locality - though their often-peripatetic lifestyles and hybrid identities make both concepts increasingly fuzzy - their work can no longer be seen as local derivations of trends set in the traditional bastions of Europe and the United States. Instead, these designers take the narratives and proclivities, and the capacities and crafts, of where they are and contribute to a global discussion on their own terms."

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