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Whenever I am bombarded with images of traditional architecture, temples, crafts and so on, I ask myself: but what about contemporary art? Contemporary architecture? Is it possible to find buildings in India that present traditional aesthetics, but at the same time, offer a completely new approach to minimalism and other trends popular around the world?

The answer is: yes! And not only because in India there are many buildings (and even entire cities, as in the case of Chandigarh, which follows Le Corbusier’s vision) designed by famous architects from Europe. The authors of the album focus on house designs by Indian architectural offices. Here you will find several projects: larger blocks of flats, single-family houses, as well as more “experimental” forms. Each project is accompanied by photos, plans, sketches and a description.

I was most interested in the Collage House project by S&PS Architeksts in Mumbai, House of Secret Gardens (Spasm Design) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I would also pay a lot for a cabin with a view like Wood House (Matra Architects) in Satkhol, Uttarkhand. I don’t know who lives in the beautiful villa with a swimming pool right on the shore of the lake and overlooking the hills, but I envy both the location and the house (stone, wood, light!) It would be amazing to bring a bit of style from these projects to your Warsaw everyday life, even if it’s… an album with photos of Indian houses to accompany your evening tea.

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