Tarkari: Vegetarian and Vegan Indian Dishes with Heart and Soul


Tarkari is a beautiful and extensive position in which Rohit Ghai presents over 80 vegan and vegetarian recipes from all over the country. We have several other books on Indian vegan food, such as Fresh India, Chetna’s Healthy Indian: Vegetarian or The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook, but in each of them you will find a different selection of recipes, so you can always add something to the collection!

Tarkari is divided into chapters by type of recipe, from pickles and sauces, to main dishes of various kinds, to desserts. The chapter with small snacks and dishes to share is really useful – with its help you will prepare the perfect party full of Indian flavours. There are both well-known dishes here, as well as less-known regional ones, recreated from old recipes that may surprise you. Ghai also proposes three menus for different occasions, perfectly varied and balanced.

From pesarattu, breakfast pancake similar to dosa (but without fermentation, so the preparation is much simpler), to mussalamMughal dish from stuffed zucchini with cashew sauce, Sri Lankan flavour-inspired crunchy rolls with vegetables, to stuffed peppers from North India, this book will take you on a wonderful journey through the flavors of different regions.

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